3D XR Vision

这是专为ARVRMR头盔定制的vSLAM整体解决方案。  除了超高速、高精度的6DOF追踪,它还可以通过SDK提供平面检测、超强强加、三维重建、手势和物体识别等高级功能。SDK可支持包括Unity在内的多操作系统。

Xvisio AWE 2019 Promotion:

Our VSLAM multi-sensor module – 3D XR Vision, a proven 6DOF VSLAM solution for mobile AR/VR HMD and glasses, is on sale NOW during AWE 2019 for $399.

— Applicability

VR/AR HMD/glass, Service Robots, 6DOF Controller, Object Detection, Depth and Dimension Measurement

— Key Features

  • High speed VSLAM+AI engines powered by industry leading VPU
  • 6DOF tracking, depth sensing, object detection fused on the edge
  • Realtime fast 3D reconstruction with depth sensing and SLAM capability

— Key Benefits

  • Cost effective turn key solution for quick product integration
  • Highly integrated functions over single USB link
  • Space saving and battery operational

— Key Specs

  • 6DOF tracking at 100fps , mm level accuracy with 130° HFOV, 80mm baseline
  • Depth sensing at 5-30fps, up to 1% accuracy with 60° HFOV up to 5 meters
  • Object detection at 10fps output


AWE 2019 展会促销预定